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Design Questions

Can the bot reply with an attachment?

Yes. Please refer to the tutorial Create a dialog flow - Add an attachment to the bot response.

Can I fill multiple slots in one sentence? For example, “I want five pounds of apples”

Yes. You can annotate multiple slots in the training examples of the User node.

Please refer to the tutorial:

During a conversation, I want to output different responses according to different user inputs. What should I do?

There are several ways to do it.

Solution 1: Branching a dialog flow, and add a condition in each branch. The condition could be whether a slot value is null. Please refer to Bot Reply Conditions.

Solution 2: Different slot values trigger different responses. Please refer to Conditional Responses. This solution can reduce the number of branches displayed in your flow.

Solution 3: Calling Webhook. The response is dynamically generated by the value retrieved by calling webhook. For example, query the balance of an account.

Can we add our own projects to the Project Templates?

Temporarily, this feature is not enabled.

Can I debug modules in parallel?

Currently, it is not supported due to potential conflicts.

It seems emoticons are not supported.

Yes. Currently, emoticons are not supported. Please stay tuned.

A user has not been active for a while. Will the bot send an inquiry?

Currently, this feature is not supported.