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Local Deployment

Install PromptDialog in a local machine. PromptDialog will only create and operate in the following directory of your machine.

  • location: $HOME/zbot

The installation is done by Docker, including two images.

  • Docker Images
promptai/zbotai:release.llmAI model
promptai/zbot-aio:releasePromptDialog service framework


OS           :Linux/Mac OS
Architecture :amd64
RAM          :At least 8GB
Docker Env   :20.10.6 or newer
Disk Space   :At least 32GB available

Installation Command

Run the following command in your terminal.

curl -o '' && chmod +x && ./

The size of Prompt AI’s docker images is around 12 GB. The installation time varies depending on your network speed. Typically, the initial installation takes between 10 to 30 minutes.

When the system is ready, you will see the system information. Please change the admin password immediately.



Login: http://localhost:9000


How to get a Free License?

Following installation, a license is needed. We offer a complimentary license for the local installment. license_1

1、The first step is to register your PromptAI account:

Register a PromptAI account:

2、After logining to PromptAI, click your avatar and then click “License”:


3、Click the “Create” button you will get a free “Starter” license license_3.png

4、Add your license license_4.png

How to get a Professional License?

Professional licenses are coming soon, please contact us if you need one. Mail to: