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Each project has a default FAQ (frequently answered questions) module. The beta version only allows one FAQ for each project.

FAQ window

Click FAQ in the left navigation pane. In the FAQ window, you can add, modify, and delete questions.


Add a new question

Click the +Add button on the upper right corner to pop up the question addition interface.


Fill in question/answer information

Please fill multiple examples for the same question, which is required for RASA Training. Please make sure:

  • Each question can only be listed once,
  • Each question shall have multiple examples: They are the same question, but asked differently.


Created successfully


Unstructured content

If you have unstructured content available in files like CSV, Word Doc, PDF, Text, HTML etc., you can upload these files to [], which provides service to directly answer your question using ChatGPT/GPT4. PromptDialog has integrated this function. Please check the knowledgebase section.

Training options

When you train your model, we provide three training options:

  • RASA native: It uses RASA’s own routine to train an FAQ classifier. In this case, a user is required to give a few similar questions.
  • ChatGPT/GPT4: It employes ChatGPT/GPT4 to do querestion comparison and retrieve answer. This is an approach we recommend as the designer need not provide many similar questions. This needs to be done through Please check the knowledgebase section.
  • Customized BERT model: It can be trained and deployed locally to best protect privacy and has performance between RASA FAQ and ChatGPT. For this option, please contact us