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PromptAI provides an all-in-one devops platform of building, running and deploying a chatbot. It actually supports all of four settings: The chatbot design environment and running environment could either be on premises or cloud.

The current release supports cloud-based chatbot design/testing, local training/running. For users who are interested in the other three settings, please contact

PromptAI emphasizes the protection of user data. Your data is stored in secure cloud AWS/US servers and is subject to strict encryption and access controls. It employs state-of-the-art security technologies and measures to ensure the ongoing protection of your data during transmission and storage processes.

There are two ways to train and run your bot. If you have your own Rasa environment set up, please feel free to download the generated Rasa code of your design and test your bot. Or you could create the local running environment as illustrated below, which packaged everything for you. There are three steps: Design a dialog flow, create the local running environment (you only need to do it once), train the model and run the bot using PromptDialog.

Step 1 - Create a dialog flow

Create your first dialog flow.


Step 2 - Create the local environment

You can build a local running environment with one line of command. For details, please check Run Chatbots:LRE and check install question if you have any question.



Step 3 - Debug and Release

Now you can debug/run your new chatbot in PromptDialog. overview_running_debug_bot.png

Once you are satisfied with the result, it is ready to release. We provide multiple ways to release and will add more.

  • Release


  • Web Application


  • Chat History & Dashboard