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Examples of webhook


Through webhook, We can communicate with third-party systems via API call:

  • submit information,
  • receive information,
  • update information.

There are many applications.

Create business orders

Suppose a customer places an order for three apples at a fruit store (we like apples.:)), and the user’s order information shall be submitted to the order system

API of place fruit order:

API call URL  :
Request Method: Post
Request Body  : {"type":"fruit type", "count": 3}
Response      : {"status":200, "message":"An order has been successfully placed for you"}


bot  : Welcome, what can I do for you?
user : I want to buy some apples
bot  : How many do you need
user : three
bot  : OK, please confirm your order: 3 apples
user : yes
// API call via webhook and a transaction confirmation is received
bot  : An order has been successfully placed for you

after the order information is confirmed by the user, we call a webhook to place the order.

Webhook Settings:


Handle fallback via Webhook

Webhook can also be used to handle fallback. See Fallback.