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Dialog Flow Design

Dialog Flow Design

PromptDialog provides a dialog flow editing tool on cloud (via Amazon AWS/US). This means that you can access the design anytime and anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can easily edit and manage your chatbots. A designer can create/edit/upload dialog flows that reflect business logic. The flows can be viewed as annotated conversations like the ones in RASA-X, but with much reduced annotation effort. PromptDialog automaticallly converts the flows to RASA stories and codes (open source). The designer can train and test the code in her own local running environment.


The editing environment offers a low-code user interface, enabling you to quickly design and configure FAQ and multi-turn conversations. You can utilize a range of tools and features to define conversation flows, set response logic, manage intents and entities, etc. Whether you’re developing new dialogue flows or optimizing existing ones, our editing environment will help.

Upon the completion of editing, PromptDialog allows you to deploy the model to run in your own environment. This provides you with greater flexibility and control, enabling customization and integration of the chatbot with your existing systems. You can run the model in a local environment, achieving faster response times and maintaining data privacy.

Please refer to the detailed tutorials for FAQ construction and dialog flow design.