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Project Overview

Click Overview, the designer can review the modules in the project. Clicking these modules will bring the designer to the corresponding module such as FAQ and Flows.

Edit a project

Click the current project IT Helpdesk in the overview window, and then click the pop-up Edit Node to edit the project settings.


In the project settings, you could choose what to display below the first welcome message. You can display faq or a subset of flows as buttons so that the user can click one of the buttons to enter. Certainly, a user can speak about her need; the bot will enter the corresponding flow based on her utterance.

Edit a module

  • Click FAQ in the overview diagram, and then click the pop-up Edit Node to visit the FAQ page.


  • Click a flow. Then click the pop-up Edit Node to visit the dialog flow diagram you selected.



  • Click Fallback of the project overview. Then click the pop-up Edit Node, where you can edit the fallback actions that the bot will take if it does not understand the user utterance. If none of the action returns a response, the default text message will be sent to the user.