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Slots can be configured with slot type and default value.


Slot TypeType of data, optional values: string, number, boolean and arrayForm slots 
EnumOptional value when filling SlotForm slotsFor example pizza size, 6, 7 or 8 inches
Default ValueAutomatically fill slots when start a chat For example, username, you can use this slot directly during the conversation without asking the user.

Slot Type

There are different types of slot values.

  • String: String, such as email address, various names, user opinions and other text-type data.
  • Number: Numbers, such as quantity, weight, currency, age and other numeric data
  • Boolean: Boolean value, such as yes or no, this type of data can be selected in scenarios with only two choices.
  • Array: Array, a set with multiple values.

Possible values

We can enumerate the possible values for a slot if needed: Steps:

  1. Enable possible values
  2. Click the Add button to add


Default value

Automatically set the default value of a slot when a chat starts.

  • Set Value: Use a preset value
  • Local Store: Read the value of a specified key from Local Store
  • Session Store: Read the value of a specified key from Session Store
  • Custom Script: Run a custom JavaScript code and fill the slot with the returned value