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Automatic Fill Slots

When the Project is released and deployed on the Web through Web link, you can use Slot default value to read logged-in user information and fill it in the Slot. Based on IT Helpdesk From, the user information can be obtained and filled in the Slot.


  1. The welcome message contains name

  2. There is no need to repeatedly ask mail when collecting feedback information

  3. Output name and mail at the end


  1. Configure the variables to read the name and email of the currently logged in user from Local storage.
  2. The deployed Web page writes name and email in Local storage.
  3. Quote name and email in the welcome message and where needed.


  1. Configure the system variables that need to be filled in: Create name and email in Project View-Slots and complete the default value configuration
Image 1 descriptionImage 2 description
  1. Modify the welcome message and display the user’s name

Hello {name}, I am your intelligent assistant. What can I do for you?


  1. Output name and email img_6.png

Save and re-release.


After the session is created, the configured name appears in the welcome message: PromptAI-User


email was not asked during the collection process, and the automatically filled email and name were output after the collection was completed. img_7.png