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IT Helpdesk

We can expand the Website Assistant to include a few IT Helpdesk functions. For example,

  • Automatically display user’s name
  • Submit a ticket if it is not able to answer a user question (Fallback)
  • No need to repeatedly obtain the user’s email when creating a ticket

Create a Flow

The flow asks for the user’s email address and his question and then generates a ticket.



Automatically load user’s name

After the user logs in to the system, the user’s name and email address can be set to Session Storage or Local Storage through key-Value. PromptAI can obtain the user’s name and email address from these two places and use them in Flow.


  1. After the user logs in to the system, write the user’s name and email address into Local Storage
name : PromptAI-User
  1. Set name and email respectively in Slot default value
  • The configured key needs to be consistent with the key written to Local Storage.




PromptAI supports adding a button below the default reply to link to Flow or FAQ.

Use this function to connect Fallback with Service Flow. When Fallback appears, users can click the button to submit a work order.

Fallback connects to Service Flow

Click Overview-Fallback-Buttons for fallbacks-Add to add Service Flow button to fallback.


Modify Service Flow and go directly to submit tickets img_1.png

Modify the Bot node to display name and email img.png


Realization effect:

  • Automatically obtain the name and email of the logged-in user
  • The logged-in user displays name in the welcome message: PromptAI-User
  • Click the Service button below Fallback to submit a ticket directly
  • Submitting a ticket does not ask for email repeatedly. After submission, the automatically filled is displayed.