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Localized Deployment

Install full PromptDialog to your own machine.

What does PromptDialog do?

The following section introduces the details of PromptDialog. You need not to read this part to run PromptDialog successfully.

  • Manage all your data
  • Provide PromptDialog service

PromptDialog will only create and operate in the following directory of your machine.

  • OS: Linux / MacOS
  • location: $HOME/zbot

Please do not modify any file in the above directory.

The PromptDialog implementation is done by Docker, including two images and multiple containers.

  • Docker Images
AIpromptai/zbotai:releaseAI model
Zbotpromptai/zbot-aio:releasePromptDialog Core service
  • Docker Containers
AIzbot_a1_xxxx“xxxx” is the selected models for debugging. There may be more than one
ZbotzbotPromptDialog Core service


OS         :Linux/Mac OS
RAM        :At least 8GB
Docker Env :20.10.6 or newer
Disk Space :At least 32GB available

GPU        :CUDA 11.7 or newer and GPU Containers Runtime 1.11.0 or newer

Installation Command

Run following cmd in your terminal.

curl -o '' && chmod +x && ./

Wait a moment.


If system is ready you will see the auth info:



Login: http://localhost:9000



Run installation command again.

How to get a License?

After the installation, a licence is required. For now, we provide free license to Local Environment. license_1

Get License

1、You can get License in PromptAI accounts. The first step is register you PromptAI account:

Register a PromptAI account:

2、After login to PromptAI, click your head image and click “License”:


3、Click the “Create” button you will get a “Starter” license (Free) license_3.png

4、Paste your License to Local Env license_4.png

Need help or any other questions

Mail to: